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Fatworks® Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5oz jar)

Fatworks® Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5oz jar)

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We call our Bison Tallow, "Thunderfat" because it is sourced from the great American Bison, a.k.a the Thunderbeast is 100% USDA Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Bison!

Did you know that almost all Bison are Pasture Raised, but only around 1% of Bison are Grass Fed and Grass Finished?  This makes this Grass-Fed Grass Finished Bison Tallow a 1 percenter.  :)  We aren't going to super coat it, this tallow costs a premium to make, but it is without a doubt the finest Bison Tallow in the world.

Bison Tallow is some seriously "traditional fat" as it was a staple of many Native American tribes for generations. Grass-Fed Bison Tallow has a very pleasant flavor with a rich, deep yellow fat that can only come from grass-feeding. This is a great fat for all fat lovers, including Keto, WAP, Whole30, and Paleo practitioners. Perfect for sautéing, stir-fries, frying, and even baking. For those who  eat grains, try making delicious savory or sweet pies, just so you can hear people say, "You made it with Bison Tallow!?"  For DIY lotion makers, if you mix Bison Tallow with essential oils you've got yourself a powerful emollient. (That's fancy talk for "moisturizer".) 

7.5oz glass jar. Ships free on $30+ of any non-perishable items.

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