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Fatworks® Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14oz jar)

Fatworks® Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14oz jar)

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The Lard Almighty! Here it is...

The finest Pasture Raised Leaf Lard available. The gourmet baker's secret weapon. The perfect gateway fat for those who don't want too much pork flavor in their lard. Rendered from the prized pasture-raised "leaf" (internal fat) making it less "porky" tasting than our other lard offering which comes from back fat.

Both have their uses but as there is no meat muscle in the leaf the lard has a milder pork flavor. This makes for an amazing cooking fat that is delicate, light and "clean" tasting. Bakers have cherished Pasture Raised Leaf Lard because it creates the best crusts and cakes while not imparting any flavor of its own. And because of its high smoke point, Fatworks Pastured Raised Leaf Lard is simply perfect for frying and sautéing, especially when you want the natural flavors of your ingredients to shine. Fatworks Pure Premium Pasture Raised Leaf Lard is essential for anyone interested in cooking with traditional fat. Take a bite of what you make with it and you'll soon be Praising the Lard.

14oz glass jar. Ships free on $30+ of any non-perishable items.

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