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Fresh Icelandic Lemon Sole, Wild-Caught, Line-Caught

Fresh Icelandic Lemon Sole, Wild-Caught, Line-Caught

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Wholesale Icelandic Lemon Sole!

Freshly caught daily off the coast of Iceland's cold waters! We only source Wolffish from Iceland that is line-caught and certified sustainable.

Order one week in advance for guaranteed delivery every Thursday or Friday of fresh, never frozen Icelandic Lemon Sole.

Fillets, b/out, s/off 100g+ (11lb case)


30-second prep video added to product images!

- Thaw from frozen overnight in the refrigerator (approx 8 hrs)
- Once thawed, press firmly to squeeze out excess water & pat dry
- Our Tuna* Sashimi is designed to be eaten chilled or at room temperature. [Do not cook]
- Slice, dice or marinate to flavor according to recipe instructions
- Please keep frozen until ready to consume; once thawed, consume within 2 days


Root Blend (Water, Modified Starch, Konjac Flour), Natural Flavor, Sorbitol, Seaweed Extract, Salt, Corn Extract, Natural Color.

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Fresh Icelandic Lemon Sole, Wild-Caught, Line-Caught
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Fillets skin/off (100g+)NCW801
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