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Nordic Catch

Wild Cod Loin, Fresh Icelandic (2 servings)

Wild Cod Loin, Fresh Icelandic (2 servings)

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Named 'Best Sashimi Grade Seafood' in the country by Food Network!

The largest catch of Iceland! Exported all over the world and is still perfectly safe from overfishing. Thanks to strict quotas and constant monitoring, this wild-caught species is nowhere near endangered in Iceland!

A mild, flakey, firm bite. Icelandic Cod is perfect for fish tacos, fish ceviche, fish & chips, you name it!

300g (10.6oz) portion in each pack, perfect serving size for 2 people

Wild-caught from a longline boat, perfectly sustainable and safe for the environment

Skin-Off center-cut loin, fresh, never frozen from Iceland

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