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Nordic Catch

Free Range Pork Ibérico Secreto Steak (10oz avg portion)

Free Range Pork Ibérico Secreto Steak (10oz avg portion)

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Heirloom Iberian Pigs, Free Range, 100% vegetarian diets free of any antibiotics or hormones.

This is truly the best pork found anywhere! The way pork is supposed to taste. You won't believe it until you've tried it. It is such high quality, this pork is even recommended to cook to a medium finish!

This Ibérico Pork is sourced from humane family-owned farms in Southern Spain. The slow growing black-hoofed hogs live nearly twice as long as their industrial counterparts and feed on nuts and grasses for a rich marbling and profound flavor.

This cut is called Ibérico Secreto, a gourmet cut and prized piece in all Spanish kitchens. It is extracted from the upper flank, giving you a consistently, perfectly balanced ratio of fat and lean meat.

All of our Ibérico cuts can have a +/- 2oz difference in weight. The weight in the product title is the average weight per piece.

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